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The brand new NFC technologies such as an NFC mobile phone are now easily and cheap to buy at our RFID-Webshop online shop.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology developed in Austria for contactless interface technology for easy and fast communication with short distances between electronic devices. For now only use with cell phones but in future even digital cameras, MP3 players, PCs, etc. will be equipped with an NFC interface.

Since NFC-enabled readers which can work both modes like active and passive mode, it makes this technology to a a unique combination of contactless RFID World. NFC is compatible with the popular RFID frequency band 14443. NFC is in accordance with international standard by ECMA and ISO / IEC and ETSI .

NFC allows users to various information such as phone numbers, pictures, MP3 files or digital rights securely exchange and store are held by two NFC reader close to each other.



NFC can be used in many different applications!




  • Non-cash payments
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Ticketing
  • Online Entertainment
  • Access controls
  • Transportation and Entertainment
  • Business Server integration


   NFC-mobile and much more now at nfc4me® RFID-Webshop


NFC mobile phones and much more at our nfc4me® RFID-Webshop

nfc4me® by TAGnology

nfc4me® by TAGnology
Provider of NFC components and total solutions!
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